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Gamification in Disaster Training

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

In one of my recent graduate courses, I learned about gamification. Prior to taking this course, I had an attitude toward gaming and gamers. I can tell you that attitude has changed! #OLTD508-Game Based Learned helped me to understand how gamification can be applied to education & training in a variety of ways.

I chose to write this presentation, Why is Gamification an effective tool in Disaster Training? in plain language, through a disaster manager's lens, and reviewed common myths about games and gamification by Kapp (2014). To view the presentation click on this button:

Before I took OLTD 508, I was a believer in those myths and did not understand what gamification really all is about.

Next, I focused on what motivates disaster managers by reviewing applicable theories:

1. Motivation in Gamification (Kapp, 2012)

2. Self-Determination Theory (Ryan & Deci, 2000)

3. Achievement Goal Theory (Dweck & Leggett, 1988)

I then reviewed applicable disaster management games for children and adult learners throughout the world. One thing that I learned is that many of these games are available for free and are very useful tools. See the list in the presentation.

In conclusion, the field of disaster training is evolving and gamification is a useful tool to have in your training toolkit. Kankanamge, et al., (2020, p. 26) summarize well why gamification is a useful tool:

"....inspired a shift from contemporary emergency planning environments to an integrated digital emergency planning environment, which will benefit both humans and wildlife—i.e., 2020 Australian Bushfires."

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