My Services

At MCM Facilitation & Training we ensure that your unique needs are met. We love to work with our clients to develop custom programs and projects that reflect the exact outcomes required.



I have more than 30 years facilitating meetings and workshops for not-for-profits organizations, Federal/Provincial/Territorial meetings, and private industry.

The services offered range from meeting with the client to plan the sessions, developing the agenda, creating and managing the budget, delivering the sessions, evaluating the effectiveness, writing a summary report, and planning for ongoing training.



Leadership is not just telling people what to do, it is about leading by example. I work with leaders to enhance and develop their skills for leading and encouraging teams of people to work towards a common goal. The approach that I use is to focus on what you value most and how to use that as a leader. 

The services offered are for strategic planning sessions, organizational development, human resources planning, and staff development


With more than 30 years as a manager, the services offered are mentoring individuals and/or work teams, setting team goals and objectives, and coaching individuals and work teams to work more productively and enhance performance.


My 30 year training experience ranges from health and safety, emergency management, mental health promotion, business continuity planning, and management training. 

As an adult educator, the services offered are for a wide variety of training to small and large groups. These services include conducting a needs analysis, designing, delivering, and evaluating the training sessions.